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1. Go to www.googlism.com
2. Type your name in the box
3. Paste your top 20 favorite results
4. Bold your favorites of the 20

ragnar is a real rottweiler in every way and although he has a very high preydrive
ragnar is the erulian of denali and a runic philosopher
ragnar is head chef at one of the iceland's very finest restaurants
ragnar is one of bainbridge island's treasures
ragnar is a special
ragnar is used with either of these
ragnar is considered in all the northlands to be the very epitome of a true norscan
ragnar is a main character
ragnar is walking backwards
ragnar is a famed leader of mercenaries from the cold lands of norsca
ragnar is well known to all trolls and inspires dread in their hearts
ragnar is expected the following day
ragnar is not just a dog
ragnar is known for the appropriate time period
ragnar is the guilty one
ragnar is the author of learned articles and teaching texts on the icelandic political system
ragnar is a giant of a man with enormeous muscles
ragnar is caught by goblins
ragnar is your star villain

ragnar is a white wizard
ragnar is curious
ragnar is a male scandinavian name
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